Adaptive Media Taking Lead in Combating Fraudulent Traffic

One of the online advertising industry’s age-old problems has been a consistent one for years — fraudulent, automated, artificial “bot traffic” being purchased and directed to websites across the internet. This practice undermines the value of advertising across the industry and frustrates the goals of advertisers who are attempting to reach a live, human audience for their products and services.

Adaptive Media recognizes this problem and is solidifying its presence as a leader and forerunner in an industry that has been plagued by fraudulent traffic by welcoming cyber security expert and former FBI Special Agent Ernest (“E.J.”) Hilbert to our advisory board. Our goal is to continue moving toward becoming the safest and most efficient marketplace possible for online publishers and advertisers. E.J.’s guidance comes on the heels of the development and rollout of our Audience Secure product, which provides a proactive client safety and fraud detection system that adds an extra layer of protection against fraudulent advertising and enables our clients to verify the quality of brand placements across the web.

Hilbert has quite an impressive resume under his belt, joining Adaptive Media’s board as head of cyber investigations at an international consulting firm, where he leads a team of cyber professionals dedicated to internet security and investigative needs for clients. Prior to that, Hilbert spent eight years as a Special Agent for the FBI, leading one of the largest cyber crime investigations addressing computer intrusion, theft of data, and extortion of more than 600 financial institutions. He also has held leadership positions with Online Intelligence LLC, Fox Interactive Media, and Control Risk Group.

According to Adaptive Media CEO Qayed Shareef, having E.J. join Adaptive Media’s advisory board will “help the company’s position as a leader in addressing issues that have been plaguing the premium advertising space for years, which ultimately stems from fraudulent traffic,” he said in a recent press release. “Just as the means of creating artificial bot traffic has become increasingly more sophisticated, so too will the capabilities of legitimate operators in this industry to combat the problem.”

Hilbert said he is proud to join Adaptive Media’s team, and commends our efforts in rooting out fraudulent sources of traffic. “It is refreshing to see leaders in the industry take responsibility for being part of the solution, not the problem.”