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Video Monetization Platform

What is Media Graph?

Media Graph provides publishers, producers, and advertisers the ability to easily and effectively monetize digital video content across all screens and devices through one centralized solution.


The Player

Our smart video player design focuses on the growing trend of users viewing video on their smartphone and tablet devices. The new player framework is designed to be responsive for mobile and HTML5 platforms. It is IAB VAST 3.0 compliant, enabling ad servers to use a single ad response format across multiple publishers/video players.

The Content

Already published on Vimeo, YouTube or Facebook? Our account experts will help you replicate your library plus will work with you to maximize your revenue. Content partners include:

Video Experience

The Ads

Media Graph pairs content (what), context (where) and audience (who) together to create the most powerful and 'transparent' video advertising experience. We help you create impactful, controlled brand advertising experiences that are delivered across any screen and any device.

Media Graph


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