Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. Our Commitment to Privacy.

Your use of any Adaptive Medias, Inc. (including its affiliates and licensors, “Adaptive”) website, and all others operated by Adaptive (each a “Site” and collectively, the “Sites”), provides you with information and access to Adaptive’s products and services (the “Adaptive Services”), and allows you to contact Adaptive for further information and support. This policy (the “Privacy Policy”) is designed to advise you how Adaptive collects, uses, and protects your personal information. By visiting any Site or by using the Adaptive Services, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of this Privacy Policy.

2. What Information is Collected.

Adaptive collects the following personal information:

(a) Personally-Identifiable Information. Adaptive collects any personally-identifiable information which you may voluntarily enter on a Site, or which you may give Adaptive in any other way in order to perform the Adaptive Services, which identifies you as a specific individual or entity, including, but not limited to, your name, email address, mailing address, phone number(s), and/or credit card number(s) (“PII”). Adaptive will only collect PII about you upon express prior notice, or if such information is expressly solicited and is voluntarily provided by you to Adaptive.

PII is collected on the Sites in the following instances: (i) information requests, when you submit an inquiry to Adaptive, and provide your name, address, email address, mailing address, and/or telephone number so that Adaptive is able to respond to the request; (ii) access to Adaptive’s console and platform applications, and Sites for use of certain Adaptive Services, where a username and password must be registered; (iii) feedback requests, when Adaptive may ask you to provide voluntary feedback to help Adaptive improve the Sites or Adaptive Services and you provide optional name and contact information; and/or (iv) other offers.

(b) Non-Personally-Identifiable Information. Adaptive may also collect non-personally identifiable information that does not reveal your specific identity (“Non-PII”). Non-PII includes optionally submitted demographic data about users, such as their age, gender, and city/state of residence. Non-PII also includes server log files that Adaptive maintains and stores regarding Sites’ users; the information contained in these files includes information a user’s browser automatically sends to the Site, such as information about a user’s web request, IP address, browser type/language, and the date and time of any visit. Collection and recordation of such data is a standard practice among website operators. Non-PII also includes “Cookies”. Cookies are pieces of information that are transferred to a user’s computer from a web server that allows Adaptive to keep records of users’ ongoing access and use of the Sites. This is a standard practice among website operators and can facilitate users’ ongoing access and use of the Sites. Most browsers are set up to accept Cookies, but you may change such settings by selecting the appropriate option(s) in your browser’s privacy options or settings menu to have your browser notify you upon receipt of a new Cookie, or to refuse to accept Cookies.

(c) Disclaimer. You may choose not to provide certain personal information or to disallow the use of Cookies, but be advised that by doing so, you may not be able to take advantage of certain Adaptive Services, including the use of a Site, or certain areas of the Site where such information is required for user access.

3. How and When Information is Used.

The information Adaptive collects is used for administering Adaptive’s business activities. Adaptive uses your PII to respond to inquiries and requests, keep accurate records concerning any Sites or the Adaptive Services you may request and use. Occasionally Adaptive may use voluntarily-provided PII to: (a) notify you about changes to the Sites or the Adaptive Services; (b) notify you of changes to Adaptive’s terms and conditions of use to a Site; (c) notify you of changes to terms and conditions of use of the Adaptive Services; or (d) notify you of the availability of new Sites or Adaptive Services, or other special offers.

Non-PII is used by Adaptive in its aggregated form to help Adaptive measure the Sites’ and the Adaptive Services’ performance and effectiveness, and to improve the Sites and the Adaptive Services. Some Sites and the Adaptive Services include the provision and serving of third-party advertising by Adaptive through its third-party advertising partners; in such cases, Adaptive and/or its third-party advertising partners may collect and use Non-PII for behavioral advertising purposes by tracking the viewing and usage of advertisements and delivering more relevant advertising pursuant to use of such Sites and Services.

4. How We Protect User and Client Information.

The privacy and protection of your information is important to Adaptive. Adaptive does not and will not make any of your PII available to third parties without your permission. Be advised that access to some Adaptive Services and content on certain Sites may be password protected and may require a valid username. Adaptive advises you to not disclose your username(s) or password(s) to anyone. Adaptive further advises you that, pursuant to the terms and conditions of use of the Adaptive Services, you may be required to not disclose your password(s) or username(s) to any persons other than your authorized employees or authorized agents. In addition, you are advised that you are fully responsible for any and all activities that occur under your username(s) and password(s), and for the confidentiality of such password(s) and username(s). You agree that you will sign out of any password-protected Adaptive Service or Site at the end of each session of use.

5. Who Has Access to Your Information.

Information about users is important to Adaptive. Adaptive will not disclose your PII to any third party without first receiving your permission, excluding any service providers that help Adaptive provide the Adaptive Services which you may request. Adaptive may transfer your PII to any of its assigns, successors or licensors in interest, or to any of its corporate subsidiaries or parent, subject at all times however, to the terms of this Privacy Policy. Adaptive may be required by law to disclose personal information about you to comply with law, regulation, court order, or other legal process. Adaptive may, in its own reasonable discretion, disclose your PII if it reasonably determines it needs to share such information to protect or enforce Adaptive’s intellectual property or other proprietary rights or those of another user or client, to enforce the terms of Adaptive’s copyright policies or any service agreement, or to assist law enforcement in identifying individuals or users who have/are engaged in unlawful activities. You are advised that you may be required to submit certain PII in notices and/or counter-notifications regarding allegations of copyright infringement pursuant to Adaptive’s Copyright Policy (a copy of which may be found at Please note that the personal information provided may be forwarded to the party who submitted the allegedly infringing content, or in the case of “counter-notifications”, the original claimant of copyright infringement. By submitting PII to Adaptive pursuant to the Copyright Policy, you are deemed to have consented to having your information revealed in the manner described in the Copyright Policy.

6. Methods We Use to Protect Your Information.

Adaptive uses security software to protect the confidentiality of your information. In addition, Adaptive’s business practices are reviewed periodically for compliance with policies and procedures governing the security and confidentiality of information. Adaptive’s business practices limit employee access to confidential information, and limit the use and disclosure of such information to authorized persons. You are advised, however, that no transmission of information is absolutely secure, and that Adaptive can only protect the confidentiality of personal information within its reasonable control. Adaptive assumes no responsibility or liability for disclosure of YOUR information due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third-party access, or other causes beyond Adaptive’s reasonable control.

7. Third-Party Links.

Adaptive does not control the data collection policies of any third-party website that is linked to the Sites. By clicking on any link or advertisement on any Site, you acknowledge and agree that the privacy policy of such third-party website will govern the collection of and use of any information provided to that website’s operators. Accordingly, Adaptive assumes no responsibility or liability for the actions of such third-parties with respect to their use of your information or otherwise.

Unguaranteed Deliverables. If an IO contains CPA Deliverables, CPL Deliverables, or CPC Deliverables, the predictability, forecasting, and conversions for such Deliverables may vary and guaranteed delivery, even delivery, and makegoods are not available.

8. Children.

The Sites and Adaptive Services do not provide services or sell products to children under the age of 18. Adaptive does not knowingly collect personal information from any children under the age of 13. Any inadvertently collected information from persons under the age of 13 shall be deleted from Adaptive’s records.

9. How You Can Access Your Information.

You may request access to all of your own PII by sending a request to:

Adaptive Medias, Inc.
16795 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 240
Irvine, CA 92606
Attn: Legal Department

10. User Opt-Out From Data Collection.

By use of any Site involving the provision and serving of advertising, whether by Adaptive or through its third-party advertising partners, you are deemed to have agreed to the use of your personal information in the manner and purposes described above, including the collection of your Non-PII for behavioral advertising purposes. Due to the nature of Non-PII, be aware that Adaptive may be unable to respond to any requests from a user to delete any Non-PII. You may opt-out of the use of Cookies, web beacons, or similar technologies by Adaptive and/or its third-party advertising partners for the purposes of delivering relevant advertising by visiting: to opt-out of data collection and usage by Adaptive’s third-party advertising partners belonging to the Network Advertising Initiative; or to opt-out of data collection and usage by Adaptive through advertisements served through Adaptive); and

any other URL as may be specified by Adaptive from time to time in this Privacy Policy. Please follow the instructions listed in the above links to opt-out of such data collection and usage by and Adaptive and its third-party advertising partners.

Adaptive uses the Google AdWords remarketing service to advertise on third-party websites (including Google) to previous visitors of our website. Third-party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on past visits to our website. Any data collected will be used in accordance with our own privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy.

For more information on how to opt out of Google’s use of cookies, visit Google’s Ads Settings.

11. Consent.

By using the Sites and/or the Adaptive Services, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to have your personal information used in any of the ways described in this Privacy Policy, you are advised to discontinue use of the Sites and Adaptive Services.

12. Changes to Privacy Policy.

Adaptive reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time, in Adaptive’s sole reasonable discretion, and by continued use of any Site or Adaptive Service after the effective date of such changes, you agree to be bound by such revisions or modifications. It is your responsibility to review the modified Privacy Policy for any changes. The most recent version of this Privacy Policy may be viewed at any time by visiting: