Our publisher audience product integrates not only the content and products that users consumer on their site but also other useful data points about what types of products they buy offline plus people that look like a particular audiences.

Analytics and Reporting: Giving publishers the complete picture of advertising activity across all their inventory in one dashboard so that they can make better-informed sales decisions.

Brand Control: Automate sales with the assurance that media brands will be matched with top-tier advertisers. Allows for blocked lists of advertisers and demand partners, creative reviews, malware protection and data leakage checks.

Real-Time Bidding: The sale of ad inventory in real-time which is rapidly becoming the industry standard.

Mobile: Offering support for most major devices and an array of management tools to publishers with mobile inventory.

Rapid Implementation: Designed to be as easy as possible for the publisher. Dedicate services and consulting professionals lead the process from signing of the contract and setting up tags and establishing campaign business rules, through sourcing demand, launch, optimization and growth.

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