Deprecated Macros:
Please note the macros have changed. All macros with the __AG... label have been changed to __GE... Any ad tags referencing the __AG... Values should be changed out immediately.

Ad Macros

Macros are small bits of code that can be placed into your VAST/VPAID tags to dynamically pass data from the player to your tags. Everytime the player attempts to call your tag, it will replace all of the added macros with the specified information.

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Key Description Full Macro
AG_P0 Application Id.
AG_P1 Component Id.
AG_P2 Destination Id.
AG_P3 Playlist Id.
AG_P4 Video Id
AG_SESSID Current player session Id.
autoPlay Autoplay.
autoPlay Boolean Autoplay Boolean
itemLabel Label set on the video content.
media Playlist URL.
playerHeight Height of the player, in pixels.
playerType Type of player.
playerWidth Width of the player, in pixels.
playlistAccountId OneScreen Id of the publisher.
playlistLabel Label set on the playlist itself. (Not the content)
cachebuster Generate a random number/cachebuster
referrer Referrer information of the player (decoded).
Referrer information of the player (encoded).
videoAccountId OneScreen Id of the content owner.
videoDesc Short description of the content.
videoDuration The duration of the content in milliseconds.
videoId OneScreen Id of the video content.
videoIdentifier 3rd party video Identifier.
videoKeywords keywords of current video
videoKeywordsPipe keywords of current video returned as an encoded string
videoTitle Title of video.
videoUrl URL of the video content.
volume Volume setting of the player.
widgetId OneScreen Id of the application.
cv1 custom value for user to add additional data (example: id, category etc)