Player 2.0

Adaptive Media is excited to launch Video Player 2.0, with new features for enhancing video experiences everywhere you publish and supporting video initiatives that expand your reach, increase engagement, and grow video advertising revenue. Player 2.0 gives you more flexibility in customizing your video player to match the look and feel of your website and offers higher quality streaming video to audiences across the web.

Features Overview

Player 2.0 features a redesigned standard skin and contains a new framework designed to be more accommodating to mobile and HTML5 platforms. It also features options for users of any skill level to customize certain components (using CSS) or build their own skins and/or layouts (using JavaScript). Player 2.0 makes it easier for you to match your video player to the look and feel of your website. In addition to that and to our existing features, Player 2.0 introduces new configurations properties and new analytics integrations

For basic users, simply use our Video Publishing Platform to select a skin or layout and configure options for your video player

For intermediate users, easily customize components of your video player using HTML/CSS by leveraging our custom CSS capabilities. You can customize components, such as control bar and slider colors, custom play icon, and other components to match your site

For advanced users, our new framework allows you to easily build on top of every component (player, thumbnails, playlist) using JavaScript to fully customize the video experience wherever your player is published. Build your own skin for every component, mix and match components, and easily toggle components on and off.

New Player Configurations

In addition to our existing features, such as ad optimization, player responsiveness, HTML5 with Flash fallback support, Player 2.0 introduces new configurations. Some of these configurations include enabling HD quality video streaming, promoting sharing through a video player embed code, and running campaigns through an ad-only video player.

  • Player Quality
    • Allow users to select which bitrate to stream
  • Player Embedding
    • Allow users to embed your player application to their own site, to drive more views
    • Control where your player application can be embedded
  • Control, Volume, and Seek bar color
    • Set your own control, volume and seek bar color by providing a hex value
  • Info Button
    • Add an info button to the player control bar to drive traffic to your site
  • Player Grid
    • Allow users click an icon that will enable player icons to appear
  • Ads only player
    • Leverage our ad-only player to run campaigns
  • Analytics Integrations (Launching Soon!)
    • Easily integrate comScore and with your video player

Custom Player Skins

For our intermediate users, you can easily customize certain components of your player using HTML/CSS. Customizable components include control bar and slider colors, custom play icon, and other components to match your site. For more information, please refer here: (include link)

New Rendering Framework

For our advanced users, use JavaScript to easily build on top of our framework and fully customize your video experience. Build your own skin and/or layout for each component (player, thumbnails and playlists), mix and match skins and layouts, and easily toggle each component on and off.