Getting Started

Adaptive Media provides a JavaScript API which can be used to control the experience, manage dependencies, and build extensions around our applications. Application types include: video players, playlists, and display applications.

Embedding Applications

Before you can load and embed Adaptive Media Applications onto your website, you will need to include the path to our Apps JS and our embed script on your web page. Our load method contains 4 paramenters:

  1. App ID-Obfuscated ID (required)
  2. Target div (required)
  3. Configuration property overrides (optional)
  4. Callback functions (optional)
Below you will find three examples (basic, intermediate, and advanced) of load calls that can be used to embed the application into your web page.

Example 1 - Basic load()

This is a basic load call of an application.

Example 2 - load() with overrides

A load call that includes configuration properties overrides. These overrides will take effect over the configuration properties set through the console.

Example 3 - load() with overrides and callbacks

A load call that includes overrides and a callback function.