Player Skinning Capabilities

We understand that standard out of the box players sometimes just don't cut it. Publishers need players that can match their brand or site. With Player 2.0 and its new framework, you can easily change components of the standard player by using simple HTML and CSS. Components that can be customized include buffering/loading icon, play button and title overlays as well as control bar elements.

Below are some examples of components that can be customized to fit your branding needs. For information on how to get started in skinning your player, please refer here. For advanced users who are familiar with JavaScript, you can build your own player skin to fully customize individual components and create more advanced layouts. Click here to learn more.

Custom CSS Examples

Standard Skinned
Provide your own play button
Provide your own buffer/loading icon
Provide your own styling for the title overlay, seek and volume bars of the control bar.
Provide your own buttons or colors for social networking, embed, and info icons of the control bar.