Qayed Shareef, CEO, Founder

Qayed Shareef’s 18 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising led him to form Adaptive Media℠ as an exclusive source for quality digital distribution for brand advertisers. Prior to founding Adaptive Media℠, Qayed served as the EVP/General Manager for Traffic Marketplace’s Ad Network, where he managed Ad Operations and Campaign Management, Publisher and Business Development. During his tenure, the network consistently ranked in the top 10 networks for reach, while working with both fortune 500 advertisers and comScore top 1000 sites. At TMP, he launched their first mobile network in 2008, which successfully rose to become 20% of the networks revenue in 2011. Prior to his role at Traffic Marketplace, Qayed Co-founded and was the COO for Premier Group Services, which was one of the largest independent Real Estate Services companies in Orange County, Ca. Qayed also spent time in their early stages at, Cheetahmail and, where he played key roles in marketing and account management areas.

He has also served in advisory roles for several start-ups that have been acquired including MediaForge (Rakuten) and Tapit! (Phunware). He currently sits on the advisory board for Pagewoo, Inc. and Facecake Marketing Technologies. Qayed is a sports enthusiast and plays music on his time off when not thinking of new ways to take over the digital advertising world.

Omar Akram, VP Technology & Product, Co-Founder

Coming to the Adaptive Media℠ with over 15 years experience in development and operations, Omar serves as Adaptive Media’s℠ Vice President of Technology and Product. Prior to Co-Founding Adaptive Omar led the migration initiative from email to Display RTB for Tactara LLC, where he built a platform to leverage 200 million users across most of the exchanges. Omar’s extensive experience stems from the sub-prime financial auto lending industry where he led the efforts to build both internal and external compliant payment platforms for WFS Financial/Wachovia, that generated over $9 million in monthly revenue.

When he’s not thinking of ways to help Qayed with taking over the advertising world, Omar’s primary focus is on his family and their outdoor trips to Yosemite.


Sal Aziz, GM Platform, Co-Founder

Sal Aziz handles all aspects of Adaptive Media’s℠ operations and business development. He is dedicated to creating solutions that will grow the company’s advertiser and publisher relationships. Sal brings over 10 years of business operations experience to Adaptive Media℠. Prior to Adaptive Media℠, Sal provided key leadership in OneScreen Inc.’s operations, from campaign management and ad operations to business development. Sal played a crucial role in helping OneScreen grow from 20 to over 60 employees, and helped multiply revenue over 5X during his time with the company.

Sal spends most of his free time with his family. He loves to play basketball, and coach his 6 year old son’s club basketball team. Having played professional basketball, Sal enjoys passing on his love and knowledge of the game to all the kids he coaches. Growing up in Southern California, Sal loves to spend as much time as he can at the beach.

Abdul Parmach, Acting Chief Financial Officer

Abdul Parmach brings more than 20 years of diverse industry leadership, executive management, and security-political expertise to his role at Adaptive Media. Parmach handles streamlining and improving business processes, negotiating lower vendor rates, updating payroll and benefits systems, and implementing many other cost-savings measures. Prior to joining Adaptive Media, Mr. Parmach served as Finance Director at New Directions for Women, a nonprofit organization in Costa Mesa, California. His primary responsibilities included overseeing all finance, HR, and IT aspects of the organization. Before that, Mr. Parmach served as President of AP Services (Denmark) and Marketing Director of American Eagle Oil (Dubai) and oversaw the corporate direction and strategy for both companies in the fields of operations, including marketing, sales, consulting, and client relations.

Meghan O’Holleran, GM Marketplace

An organized and self-motivated leader, with a propensity for building efficiencies of scale, Meghan O’Holleran has a proven track record of cultivating dynamic teams from the ground up and driving extraordinary revenue growth. Most recently, Meghan served as VP of Client Services for Velti (NASDAQ:VELT) where she was responsible for two distinct business lines, Mobclix and Velti Media Network. For these, she developed a specialized services foundation and created a sustainable infrastructure that allowed for the success and expansion of the client services team. Prior to Velti, Meghan developed the mobile and rich media offerings at Traffic Marketplace, and forged crucial industry partnerships to further proliferate awareness and adoption around these products. Meghan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola Marymount University with majors in Business Administration and Psychology.

Kevin Yamano, VP Product Marketing

Kevin Yamano joined Adaptive Media℠ with more than a decade of experience in technology, online advertising and online media, with a focus on ad distribution and product marketing.
He previously came off a long-term consultation project with Adconion Direct, where he designed and deployed five global product launches. In addition to these, he produced numerous other sales collateral and research documents. Before Adconion Direct, he was the head of social product marketing for Epic Media Group. He delivered comprehensive product, marketing, sales support and training for their social product line. In this role, Kevin was focused on providing advertisers with greater reach and placement of their advertising content across the social media landscape through a variety of performance-based pricing models and distribution strategies. Prior to EpicSocial, Kevin was a Director at Clearspring Technologies (now AddThis), where managed the ad operations group and the media planning group. He also developed and expanded distribution options in social media for all types of content, including widgets, applications, and video, as well as solutions for monetizing existing widgets and applications. Importantly, Kevin was responsible for acquiring new distribution points through Demand-Side Platforms (DSP) and Exchange inventory, as well as creating dynamic optimization strategies for delivery against Clearspring data solutions. Before Clearspring, Kevin was Director of Business Development at Dedicated Media, where he successfully built and grew both a lead-generation network and a direct response network to complement the existing cost per impression solution that was in place. He is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in business and marketing and resides in Orange County.

Todd Miller, VP, Online Forensics

Todd Miller brings more than 25 years of Internet industry experience, the last 10 of which have focused exclusively on Compliance and Network Quality in Internet Advertising, and he serves as Adaptive Media’s℠ Vice President of Compliance and Quality.  While Director of Compliance Operations at Traffic Marketplace, Todd worked with Qayed Shareef to build a brand-safe Display Network, resulting in awards from independent organizations such as Double Verify and AdSafe (Integral Ad Services), as well as participation in drafting the IAB’s Quality Assurance Guideline standards.  Prior to joining Adaptive, Todd was the Vice President of Compliance Operations at E.J. Hilbert’s compliance consulting company, Online Intelligence, providing brand-integrity services to clients such as Harpo Productions.  Mr. Miller has also served as Director of Support Operations for Commission Junction, overseeing all compliance operations at one of the world’s largest Affiliate Marketing networks. When he’s not outsmarting Internet fraudsters, Todd enjoys travel, photography, fantasy football (when he’s winning) and spending time with friends and family.

Bryan Nguyen, Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Nguyen graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science and has since been working in many high-tech industries, including e-commerce, online banking, IT, and online advertising. His solid computer science background and nearly two decades of experience has helped him to adapt to new technologies quickly and apply his knowledge efficiently.


In the last seven years, Nguyen has specifically worked with online advertising and big data. In early 2007, he started working with Traffic Marketplace as a Java Architect for its ad server platform and became director of technology in 2009. In that role, he helped manage and improve the performance of the ad server and data platform. In mid-2011, Nguyen joined Inc. as an Ad Server Architect, where he helped improve the performance and accuracy of the data pipeline and also redesigned the user profile storage to improve data processing time.

Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch, VP of Content Syndication

With over a decade of ad tech experience, Nick is a product developer and operational leader with a strong professional track record in digital media and technology. His opinions and thought leadership have been featured in such industry publications as TechCrunch, Mediapost and ClickZ. Former companies include Adconion, Fox Interactive Media, and Spot Runner.

Daryl McNutt, Chief Marketing Officer

Daryl McNutt is the Chief Marketing Officer for Adaptive Medias Inc. In his role, he oversees all aspects of the company’s marketing infrastructure including outbound marketing efforts, data analytics, and branding. He is a major stakeholder in the company’s business development, product development, sales and technology efforts as Adaptive continues to build world-class video solutions that sit at the intersection of digitized content and advertising.

He is a marketing executive with 20 years’ experience in digital technology, integrating consumer/B2B data analysis into strategic business planning. McNutt is driving Adaptive Media’s strategy centered on digital content syndication and monetization for the mobile and video sectors. New products developed by Adaptive, like Content Express and the Adaptable Native Video Ad Unit, are important state-of-the-art tools for business owners and publishers needing to syndicate massive amounts of content, and monetize it through advertising.

McNutt has past experience with many industry leading companies such as cross-device leader Drawbridge, Inc., where he built advertising technology that leverages insights from cross-device behavior, video platform Brightroll, where he was instrumental in driving the company’s marketing, research and reporting efforts, as well as serving as VP Marketing Solutions for digital research giant, comScore, Inc. (SCOR).